Chrono Trigger ROM

Chrono Trigger is developed by Square in 1995. The game was published by Nintendo for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Chrono Trigger is the first game in Chrono Series. if you want to play Chrono Trigger ROM then you must have a SNES emulator.

Chrono Trigger ROM

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FILE NAME:Chrono Trigger ROM
CONSOLE:Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator
GENRE:Role Playing
DOWNLOADChrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

This is a two dimensional game in which the player controls the  protagonist and his companions. The game consists of forests, cities, and dungeons.

During the battles the player and his enemies can use physical and magical attacks to wound each other. The player can even heal his self too. in Chrono trigger the player and enemies have hit points that can be reduced by attacks. They can also heal them with spells and portions.

In case of hit points reduced to zero the player dies and the game is started form previous save game. There is an option of shop in the game from there player can buy weapons, armor, helmets, and accessories. He can use these accessories during the fight with enemies.

This Chrono Trigger ROM is playable on any SNES emulator. You can download the ROM from the above link. In case of any problem comment below.

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