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Minecraft Xray Ultimate Texture Pack – Xray Resource Pack 1.16, 1.17

minecraft Xray Texture Pack

Nowadays people love to pass their free time playing games. There are many games but Minecraft is one of the famous among all of them.it is necessary to have good Minecraft skills as the game looks complicated. But there is no need to worry about this as some expert Minecraft players make good texture packs for the help of other players. Among these texture packs, Minecraft Xray Texture Pack is one of the famous and most used pack. This pack has some extra features that are helpful for the new players.

Minecraft Xray Texture Pack

It is also known as Minecraft Xray Ultimate Texture Pack or Minecraft Xray resource pack. You can get some essential assistance from this pack as this does not elevate the entire game. This pack highlights Ores and mineral blocks. With the help of this, the player can judge where to go for mining. By this, they can save time.

You must have the proper knowledge of the Xray pack as to how it works by the way you can boost your mining skills. This pack has x16 resolution that can be emanates in any fps. You must import the Optifine mode for the pack as it helps in implementing the night mode and turning off smooth lights when needed.

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Xray Pack Mod compatibility

This pack is compatible with the following mods.

  • applied energistics 2
  • astromine
  • bno
  • decorative
  • dishes
  • enderitemod
  • endreborn
  • forestry
  • indrev
  • mechanized
  • mekanism
  • pixelmon
  • quark
  • sandwhichable
  • techreborn
  • thaumcraft

Xray Pack Version Compatibility

This Minecraft Xray Ultimate Texture Pack is compatible with the following Minecraft game versions.

  • 1.17.1
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.5
  • 1.2.5
  • 1.16.5
  • 1.16.4
  • 1.16.3
  • 1.16.2
  • 1.12.2
  • 1.15.2

Download Minecraft Xray Texture Pack

You can download the Xary pack from the below according to your game version.

Xray Texture Pack 1.17

Xray_Ultimate_1.17_v4.1.2.zip Download
Xray_Ultimate_1.17_v4.1.1.zip Download

Xray Texture Pack 1.16

Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.7.2.zip Download
Xray_Ultimate_1.16_v3.7.0.zip Download
Xray 1.16Download
1.16.2 Techreborn updateDownload
Xray Ultimate 1.16 updateDownload

minecraft 1.14 xray texture pack

1.14 Xray texture pack Download

minecraft Xray Texture Pack 1.13

xray texture pack 1.13 Download

Minecraft Xray texture pack 1.12

Xray_Ultimate_1.12_v2.3.1.zip Download
Origin Realms official resourcepack Dowload
1.17 support as of 20w45 Download
No more Smooth lighting Download
Ignore incompatible message Download

Note: We are not the developer of these packs, they are located on 3rd party server. Filmjolk is the original developer of the pack. We just gave the download links to the original source.

How to install Xray Texture/resource Pack

Following is an Xray pack installation guide both for the PC and mobile.

Xray Pack Mobile Installation Guide

First Method:

  • Download the X-Ray from the above links according to your game version.
  • Click on “Share” and then, “Open in Minecraft
  • After the game opned it shows “X-Ray was successfully imported

Second Method

  • If the first method does not works then click on”Share
  • Save to files
  • Go to
  • My Device/Minecraft/games/ com.mojang/resource_packs
  • Click “Save
  • Now run the game

Xray Pack PC Installation Guide

First Method:

  • Download the X-Ray Texture pack.
  • Execute the “X-Ray.mcpack” file 
  • The game will be open and shows “X-Ray was successfully imported

Second Method:

  • If the first method does not work click on  File Explorer.
  • Go to
  • C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\ Packages\ Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\
    LocalState\games\com.mojang \resource_packs
  • Move the “X-Ray.mcpack” into this Folder
  • After this the Xray pack will be showen in your Resource Pack whenever you run The Minecraft game.


Is XRay a texture pack?

Yes, Xray is a texture Pack.

What is the best XRay texture pack?

Ultimate XRay Texture Pack is one of the best and latest Xray Texture Pack

What is the use of XRay texture pack?

This pack highlights Ores and mineral blocks.

Is the XRay pack is free to Download?

Yes, it’s totally free to download and play.

How can I turn the pack on and off?

Go to the option and click on resource packs. from there you can enable or disable the pack.