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Pokemon Platinum ROM

Pokemon Platinum game was developed by Game Freak in 2008 and published by Nintendo. Pokemon Platinum is a role-playing game that was developed for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. Now this game is available as Pokemon Platinum ROM. You can download the ROM and can run it on any Nintendo DS emulator.

Pokemon Platinum ROM

Pokemon Platinum ROM – NDS ROM

This Pokemon Platinum ROM works on NDS Emulator.

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Pokemon Platinum Fanmade ROM

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Pokemon Platinum

In Platinum, the player can select a male or a female as a game character and start the games with one of three Pokemon. These pokemon are given by Professor Rowan. The central role is played by the mascot Pokémon in the game. Game players can explore a large area, which ranges from mountains to bodies of water, populated areas, grasslands, and snowy expanses. Pokemon Platinum is one of the best game in the Pokemon series. According to IGN, this game ranked 9th position in best games for Nintendo DS.

Platinum gameplay and story

Platinum gameplay is mostly similar to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The gameplay is consists of three screens in a third-person overhead perspective. Field map, a battle screen, and menu. In the beginning, players have one Pokémon but they can capture more with the help of Poké Balls. They can fight with other pokemon with the help of their pokemon. When playing fights with other trainers of wild Pokemon the screen turns into the turn-based battle screen where the Pokémon battle. Pokemon have Hit Point (HP) that can be increased by reviving.

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Platinum is set in the fictional region of Sinnoh. you can see the snow on the ground. the game plot is mostly the same as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. There are two new characters are introduced with some other elements.

Pokémon Platinum Rom Specification
ROM NamePokemon Platinum Rom
Console InfoNintendo DS, or Nintendo DS emulator
Game TypeRole-Playing