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Complete- Nintendo 3ds ROM Pack

The Nintendo 3DS is one of the best gaming console of Nintendo that was released in 2011. it’s an eight-generation handheld video gaming console. There are many games available for this console. You can find these games a 3ds ROM Packs ROMs from the bellow.

Nintendo 3ds ROM Pack

Nintendo 3ds ROM Pack is a single file that contains a large number of 3ds ROMs. Here you can file the decrypted,Cia, and normal 3ds ROMs.

Download Nintendo 3ds ROM Pack

Here is an awesome collection of 3ds ROMs.

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3ds ROM
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3ds Cia Collection

Here is a complete collection of Nintendo 3ds CIA ROMs.

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3ds Cia Collection ArchiveDownload
3ds Cia Collection TorrentTorrentTorrent FIle
3ds Games Amazon Nintendo 3ds Games

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Decrypted 3ds ROMs

Here is a complete collection of decrypted 3ds ROMs. These ROMs can be played on any emulator included Citra.

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Decrypted 3ds ROMs (Pack)
Decrypted 3ds ROMs (Individual FIle)ArchiveDownload
3ds Games Amazon Nintendo 3ds Games

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Games in this Pack

Nintendo 3ds ROM Pack
  • A-Train 3D: City Simulator
  • Accel Knights 2: Full Throttle
  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy
  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy +
  • Acrylic Palette: Irodori Cafe – Cheers
  • Adventure Bar Story
  • Adventure Labyrinth Story
  • Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know!
  • Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations
  • Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!!
  • Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
  • The Adventures of Tintin: The Game
  • Aero Porter
  • AeternoBlade
  • Aikatsu Stars! First Appeal
  • Aikatsu Stars! My Special Appeal
  • Aikatsu! 2-nin no My Princess
  • Aikatsu! 365-Hi no Idol Days
  • Aikatsu! Cinderella Lesson
  • AiRace Speed
  • AiRace Xeno
  • Air Battle Hockey 3D
  • Akari by Nikoli
  • AKB48 + Me
  • Alchemic Dungeons
  • Alien Chaos 3D
  • Alien on the Run
  • Alliance Alive
  • Alphadia
  • Alter World
  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Ambition of the Slimes
  • American Mensa Academy
  • Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Angry Birds Trilogy
  • Angry Bunnies
  • Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo
  • Anime Workshop
  • Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
  • Aqua Moto Racing 3D
  • Arc Style: Baseball 3D
  • Arc Style: Free Cell
  • Arc Style: Happy Ocean
  • Arc Style: Jazzy Billiards 3D Professional
  • Arc Style: Sangokushi Pinball
  • Arc Style: Simple Mahjong 3D
  • Arc Style: Soccer 3D
  • Arc Style: Solitaire
  • Arc Style: Spider Solitaire
  • Arc Style: Women’s Football 3D
  • Arcade Classics 3D
  • Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone!
  • Art of Balance Touch!
  • Ascent of Kings
  • Asdivine Cross
  • Ash
  • Asphalt 3D
  • Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods
  • Astro
  • Atlantic Quest
  • Atlantis-6
  • Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale
  • Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains
  • Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates
  • ATV Wild Ride 3D
  • Azada
  • Azito 3D
  • Azito 3D Kyoto
  • Azito 3D Osaka
  • Azito 3D Tokyo
  • Azure Snake
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 2
  • Back in 1995 64
  • Balloon Pop Remix
  • Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles
  • Barbie and her Sisters: Puppy Rescue
  • Barbie: Dreamhouse Party
  • Barbie: Groom and Glam Pups
  • Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
  • Battle Cats Pop!
  • Battleminer
  • Battleminerz
  • Battleship
  • BearShark
  • Beast Saga: Saikyou Gekiotsu Coliseum
  • Bella Sara: The Magical Horse Adventures
  • Bella Sara 2: The Magic of Drasilmare
  • Ben 10: Galactic Racing
  • Ben 10: Omniverse
  • Ben 10: Omniverse 2
  • Best Friends: My Horse 3D
  • Best of Arcade Games: Air Hockey
  • Best of Arcade Games: Brick Breaker
  • Best of Arcade Games: Bubble Buster
  • Best of Arcade Games: Tetraminos
  • Best of Board Games: Chess
  • Best of Board Games: Mahjong
  • Best of Board Games: Solitaire
  • Best of Casual Games
  • Best of Mahjong
  • Best of Solitaire
  • Beyblade Burst
  • Beyblade Burst God
  • Beyblade: Evolution
  • Beyond the Labyrinth
  • Bibi & Tina
  • Big Bass Arcade: No Limit
  • Bijin Tokei
  • Bike Rider DX
  • Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy
  • Bikkuri! Tobidasu! Mahou no Pen
  • Bikkuriman Kanjuku Haoh: Sanmi Douran Sensouki
  • Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
  • Bingo de NouTore: BinTore
  • Bingo Collection
  • Bird Mania 3D
  • Bird Mania Christmas 3D
  • Bit Boy!! Arcade
  • Bit Dungeon Plus
  • Bit.Trip Saga
  • Biyoushi Debut Monogatari: Top Sutairisuto o Mezasou!
  • Blast ‘Em Bunnies
  • Blaster Master Zero
  • Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition
  • BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II
  • Block-a-Pix Color
  • Block Factory
  • BlockForm
  • Blok Drop Chaos
  • Bloo Kid 2
  • Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
  • Bloody Vampire
  • Bomb Monkey
  • Bonbon Ribbon: Tokimeki Coord Kirakira Dance
  • Bonds of the Skies
  • Bookstores Everywhere
  • B.O.O.L: Master Labyrinth Puzzle
  • Boulder Dash-XL 3D
  • Bowling Bonanza 3D
  • BoxBoy!
  • BoxBoxBoy!
  • Box Up
  • Boxzle
  • Brain Age: Concentration Training
  • Bratz: Fashion Boutique
  • Brave Company
  • Brave Dungeon
  • Brave Tank Hero
  • Bravely Default
  • Bravely Second: End Layer
  • Breakout Defender
  • Breakout Defense
  • Breakout Defense 2
  • Brick Race
  • Brick Thru
  • Bricks Defender
  • Bricks Defender 2
  • Bricks Defender 3
  • Bricks Defender 4
  • Bricks Defender 5
  • Bricks Pinball
  • Bricks Pinball 2
  • Bricks Pinball 3
  • Bricks Pinball 4
  • Bricks Pinball 5
  • Bricks Pinball 6
  • Brilliant Hamsters!
  • Brunch Panic
  • Brunswick Pro Bowling
  • Brutus & Futee
  • Bubble Pop World
  • Bugs vs. Tanks

And many other games…

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