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Daphne ROMs Set

Daphne ROMs Set

The Daphne emulator is a software program that allows users to play classic laserdisc arcade games on modern computers. Daphne emulates the hardware of laserdisc-based arcade machines, enabling players to run games such as “Dragon’s Lair,” “Space Ace,” and “Cliff Hanger” on their PCs. These games were originally released in the 1980s and utilized laserdisc technology to display high-quality animation and video.

Daphne ROMs Set

The Daphne ROMs set refers to the collection of ROM files and laserdisc images required to play games using the Daphne emulator. ROMs are essential files that contain the game data, while the laserdisc images contain the video content originally stored on laserdiscs used by arcade machines.

download Daphne ROMs Set from below:

Daphne ROMs Set12.1 GBDownload
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How to Use

Here’s a guide to help you set up and play games using the Daphne emulator:

  1. Download and Install Daphne Emulator:
    • Download the emulator
    • Install the emulator by following the on-screen instructions.
  2. Download ROMs and Laserdisc Images:
    • Download the ROMs pack from above.
    • Unzip the ROMs pack to a location on your computer.
  3. Organize Your Files:
    • Create a folder for your Daphne setup, e.g., C:\Daphne.
    • Inside this folder, create subfolders for each game you want to play, e.g., C:\Daphne\roms, C:\Daphne\vlc (for video files), and C:\Daphne\framefiles.
  4. Place the ROMs and Laserdisc Images:
    • Copy the ROM files into the roms folder.
    • Place the laserdisc images in the vlc folder. These images are usually large .mpeg or .avi files.
    • Ensure the framefiles (text files mapping video frames to game events) are in the framefiles folder.
  5. Configure Framefiles:
    • Each game should have a corresponding framefile. If not provided, you might need to create or download one. A framefile typically looks like this.\vlc\your_laserdisc_image.m2v 0 293 0 293 546 1 546 684 2
  6. Set Up Daphne Emulator:
    • Launch the DaphneLoader.exe application.
    • The loader will guide you through the process of setting up each game.
    • For each game, specify the paths to the ROM files, laserdisc images, and framefiles.
  7. Configure Controls and Settings:
    • Within the DaphneLoader, configure your controls and video settings as needed. This can include setting up your keyboard or game controller inputs.
  8. Launch the Game:
    • Select the game from the DaphneLoader interface and click “Start” to launch the game.
    • Ensure all paths are correctly set; otherwise, the emulator may not be able to find the necessary files.