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117,000+ RG350 & RG351 ROMs Pack

RG350 & RG351 ROMs Pack

RG350 and RG351 are the latest handheld gaming consoles that were designed and developed by Anbernic Company. RG351 is a ninth-generation gaming console with external sd card support. This handheld gaming console can run the games of GameBoy and almost all retro games. This console came in different models with different resolutions and specifications. You can download the RG350 ROMs pack from the below.

RG350 & RG351 ROMs Pack

These ROMs can be played on RG350, RG351,  RG351P,  RG351M,  RG351P, RG351V and, RG351MP models.

This console supports the games up to six generation gaming consoles.

90,000+ Arcade games Games (Memory Card)90,000+ Games
117,000+ arcade games (Memory Card)Get Games
NES (Downloadable)Get games
Game Boy (Downloadable) Get games
GBA (Downloadable) Get games
Neo Geo (Downloadable) Get games
SNES (Downloadable) Get games
Sega Genesis (Downloadable) Get games
Nintendo 64 (Downloadable) Get games
Playstation (Downloadable) Get games
TurboGrafx-16 (Downloadable) Get games

Note: Above ROMs packs are fully compatible with RG350 and similar devices

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ConsolesGet Consoles
RG350M with 2500 gamesGet console
RG351MP with 2400 classic gamesGet Console
RG351VGet Console
RG351M with 2500 GamesGet Console
RG351PGet console

These all are RG350 ROMset. If you face any problems in downloading let us know in comment section.